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Try This On a Whiteboard!

Blackboard Sketching Plate 12

I’m pretty sure none of my teachers ever read Massachusetts based artist and teacher Frederik Whitney’s (1858-1949) book Blackboard Sketching. My loss. We can read it possibly more easily than we can locate a blackboard because the entire book is online at the Internet Archive.

Via: The Public Domain Review

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Read Around the Room

What a great idea!

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April 3, 2013 · 6:00 am

Roald Dahl’s Response Might Challenge the Best of Us


I hope Mr. Johnson’s sense of humour was equal to the task of presenting this response from Roald Dahl to his class for the best effect.

Via 22 Words


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6 Hot Trends in Teaching Technology

Teaching Trends

Via Scoop It on Technology and Leadership in Education


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Shakespeare vs Pop Culture

Barney & Clyde

Arcamax Comics

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Sunday Surfing Selection: Free Printables for Poetry Month




Lesson Plans

Temporarily Free

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Friday Funny: Teaching Library Skills (the futility of?)

A selection of Library Quiz Answers from Middle School (click here for more)

Information on dragons can be found by asking one of them in the office.

The purpose of OPACs is to say how much to sell crude oil for.

Reference books cannot be checked out because they are too big and heavy.

Fiction books are just a lot of stories, so they don’t get a rating number.

The Dewey System measures how cold it got overnight by measuring how much wetness is on the grass in the mornings.

When girls get their periodicals, they don’t go to swim school.

You can find words with similar meanings in Rogers Brontasaurus.

from the Warrior Libarian’s old site, new one is here.

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