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Finvy’s Brief History of Publishing

A Brief History Of PublishingInfographic by Finvy

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Forensics Meets Literary Criticism

Brian Joseph Davis uses law enforcement composite sketch software to create images of literary characters.


Dolores “Lolita” Hayes/Mrs. Richard F. Schiller, Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov

After emails from teachers and librarians, asking for images to use in lessons and programming, Davis has provided a zip file with a non-commercial Creative Commons license for download here.


See Davis’ Tumbler here and read more about it at Mental Floss.

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Cozy Book Nook


I would have loved this as a kid – heck! I’d love it now! Only I’d need it to be just a little cushier for the ‘more sensitive’ bones…

This is just one of a great collection of reading nooks over at Buzz Feed. Wonderful way to encourage kids to read at home. Wouldn’t it be great to create a few of these nooks in the library?

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Brian Dettmer: Allowing the Book to Become Something New

I’ve always been a fan of Brian Dettmer and really appreciated hearing him talk about his work.

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Because Express Yourself

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Motivating Daily

Motivating Daily  is the first tab I see when I log in to my work computer. Most days, these short quotes are just as the blog title claims: motivating, Some days they’re truly inspiring and usually, like today, they say something you might have said, if you could have…like “a hand has come out and taken yours”. Thank you Motivatingdaily!

The Magic of Reading

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Raise a Reader Infogram

I’m collecting ideas for the September newsletter to parents and I love the way Nancy has promoted reading aloud to children in this great infographic.

Raising Readers with NancyAnn


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Revealing Beginning

Question: What kind of currently very popular ‘being’ could be speaking?

Not my cup of tea but will you have to read Dust by Joan Frances Turner now?
Or check out more first line teasers at 22 Words.

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