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Only if it Works

Incidental Comics

by Grant Snider, who (with tongue firmly planted in cheek, I’m sure) doesn’t  “advocate drug use – unless it leads to great works of literature”.

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Friday Funny: on Amazing Books

Arctic Circle

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Friday Funny: Teaching Library Skills (the futility of?)

A selection of Library Quiz Answers from Middle School (click here for more)

Information on dragons can be found by asking one of them in the office.

The purpose of OPACs is to say how much to sell crude oil for.

Reference books cannot be checked out because they are too big and heavy.

Fiction books are just a lot of stories, so they don’t get a rating number.

The Dewey System measures how cold it got overnight by measuring how much wetness is on the grass in the mornings.

When girls get their periodicals, they don’t go to swim school.

You can find words with similar meanings in Rogers Brontasaurus.

from the Warrior Libarian’s old site, new one is here.

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Challenges of Print Interface

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I Did Say Transformation

From Unshelved. I subscribe to the cartoon for a daily giggle. Luckily I don’t actually believe that a library has to go that far to attract young adults!

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