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Seasonal Printable Reading Promotion Bookmarks, Generously Shared

These are all free documents from Teachers pay Teachers. Join the site for free, then click the images for the download page. Some contain coupons and other seasonal goodies.

Christmas Bookmarks


Christmas BookmarksChristmas Bookmarks

Christmas BookmarksChristmas Bookmarks

Christmas Bookmarks

More seasonal bookmarks to colour here.

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Clever Bookmark from the 13th or 14th Century

“This object was in common use in medieval libraries, even though very few survive today. It’s a bookmark – and a smart one for that matter. As with our own bookmarks, it tells you where you are in the book: the rope was attached to the binding and placed between two pages. The reader subsequently pulled down the marker along the rope to the line where he had stopped reading. Since an open medieval book often presented four text columns, the reader then turned the disk to indicate in which column he had left off. In this case we read “4” in medieval Arabic numerals – the column on the far right.”

From Erik Kwakkel via TYWKIWDBI

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Free Printable Halloween Bookmarks


Everybody else give out candy on Halloween – I give out bookmarks as the classes parade through my library.

Click on any one to go to the webpage from where you can download and print the bookmarks pictured as well as many others. Thank you to all these generous people who are sharing their talent and work.

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Sunday Surfing Selection: The Lighter Side

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8 Unexpected Downsides of the Switch to E-books – Whether you are in the pro-or-anti-e-reader camp, or totally agnostic about it, this is just a hoot!

10 Book that Should be Banned – A tongue-in-cheek list from 2009

Battle of the Bad Bookmarks: Quarter Finals – Vote for your least favourite bookmark.

Forgotten Bookmarks – a vintage bookseller scans and posts “personal, funny, heartbreaking and weird things” found in books.

Awful Library Books – if you think you have outdated books in your collection, check out the gems that these professional weeders find.

Love the Liberry – short, sweet, funny and real library stories.

In the wake of widespread disappointment and disillusionment over the Lorax film, Rocco Staino compiles a sardonic collection of potential product-driven movies in Lorax Leads Way for Product Endorsements by Kit Lit Characters,

Vulgar Words of 1811 – like apple cart, barber‘s chair and shanker.

So you’re six years old, you’re reading ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves,’ and it becomes rapidly obvious that there are only two kinds of men in the world: dwarves and Prince Charmings. And the odds are seven to one against your finding the prince. — Emily Levine

Emily Levine’s theory of everything  – a Ted-Talk that will make you laugh, but also make you think. I highly recommend it.

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Printable Bookmarks: Turn on a Book

Click for post from We Wilsons blog with this and two more cute ones on a pdf to print

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My Christmas Activity/Gift for Library Classes

It’s not much, but it makes our last library class before Christmas a bit special. I print out a variety of Bookmarks on cardstock and set out markers, crayons and pencil crayons on the tables. Any student in my K-12 school can choose a bookmark, colour it in the library or take it with them. A hole-punch and some yarn or ribbon can dress them up. If you are really brave, a little glitter makes them really special.

Here are some that I’m printing this year. Click on the links below the bookmarks for the printable files.

Go to  Activity Village for the PDF file to print

These at Hello Kids

Go to Learning English – ESL for these

My thanks to the artists who have shared these.


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