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Blind Lawyer Shares the Role of Technology in his Reading Life

More about Ron McCallum

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1902 Artist Predicts Social Media


Click and click again for larger version at Origins of the Sunday Comics

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1890 Book Stand Machine

“Book readers know the tiresomeness of holding books in the best position for comfortable reading […] The Reading Stand holds the open dictionary by your side, only a turn of the head being required to consult it, while the book you are reading is held open before you.” Internet Archive

Via: EBook Friendly where there are 5 more “…Fascinating Book Machines Before the Kindle”

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Keeping the End Game in Mind



William M. Ferriter
‘Teacher, Author, Professional Development Provider”

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An Ancestor of the Programmable Computer

I’ve never seen a computer so beautiful.

Via TYWKIWDBI (where there’s more info)

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Computer Googling

Via 22 Words

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What’s a GLOG? And How Can it Be Used in School?

My previous post featured a GLOG…

For those new to the term,

“A glog is like a poster, only better. A glog is an online poster that allows students to add images, video files, sound files, text, and hyperlinks. Glogs address multiple learning styles and easily incorporate student research and educational content into a web publication. They are free, use no ink, and are fun!” Jan McGee

Here is McGee’s very detailed SlideShare presentation on GLOGS and how to use them in the classroom:

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Creative Commons Search

Whether for your website, your blog or student projects, it’s important to know that unless the creator has given permission for you to use their images, videos or other media, you Should Not Use it! It’s called Copyright! And although the rules vary internationally, it is simple common respect to only use someone else’s work if they have freely shared it. Even then, it’s always nice and sometimes required to acknowledge the creator. Find out how to search for shared work in this video.

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Video-Making Tools

This video was made to show some options for video creation specifically for YASLA Academy videos but is a nice overview of many of the tools available for any video project.

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The Animated History of Typography

Now when I choose a font, I might actually be able to see the differences between so many in the long list that seem nearly identical to me. (And remember that – for whatever reason – there’s still a hate-on for Comic San Serif!)

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