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Promotional Posters by Where the Wild Things Are Author Maurice Sendak

From the book: Posters by Maurice Sendak by Maurice Sendak (Goodreads)

Read: Maurice Sendak’s Little-Known and Lovely Posters Celebrating Books and the Joy of Reading by Maria Popova

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Delightful Vintage Book Care Posters

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Plan Ahead for Your Local Children’s Book Week

Canadian Children’s Book Week 2012 will be celebrated May 5-12th this year. If you are planning on ordering posters or bookmarks, you might want to get on it.

This site contains valuable information about the history of Book Week; the plans for this year’s touring program; the costs involved in hosting a reading; information about the touring authors, illustrators and storytellers and the presentations they do; contact information for the Book Week Coordinators who are organizing the tours in your province or territory; and information about our popular Book Week materials which can be used to celebrate Canadian books in the classroom, library or at home.

Canadian Children’s Book Week Poster by Montreal illustrator  Janice Nadeau, three-time Governor General’s Award winner.

Promotional poster for Children’s Book Week in the US  (May 7-13) is by David Wisener, author and illustrator of favourites such as Sector 7 and Tuesday.

The Children’s Book Council of Australia will be celebrating their Book Week August 27-23rd. 2012. The theme is “Champions Read”, but the promotional material is understandably not available yet for this coming celebration. Last year’s poster is below, but I have been unable to identify the artist. If any readers knows who created this attractive image, please let me know.

In the UK, Children’s Book Week is held during the first full week of October. Last year’s poster was by award winning author and illustrator Katie Cleminson.

If you know of any other children’s book celebrations around the world, please share.

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A Whole Lotta Library Love

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Not Just for English Teachers

I’m sure I’ve never seen the difference between ‘i.e.’ and ‘e.g.’ explained as clearly as The Oatmeal has on their site. They also sell the graphic and other grammar explanations as posters, which might be just right in English classrooms.

My thanks to TYWKIWDBI for mentioning the site.

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