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What Shakespeare Play Should I Read?


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A Little Like the Empty Plate Issue

By alison0000. Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

For me, it’s been a little like breaking the habit of finishing all the food I’ve been served at supper, imposed by my waste-not-want-not, depression-era parents. I’m getting much better at both, although with books, it’s more a matter of abandonment by neglect as they can sit on my bedside table for a very long time before I finally admit that I’m probably not going to finish them.


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Multiple Uses for Google Drive in the Classroom

Copyright 2007 Glogster Team

See the interactive GLOG by Susan Oxnevad at Glogster Edu.

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The History of Education Technology: Infographic




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We’ve Been Pronouncing Seuss Wrong – But He Was OK With It

10 Common Word and Pronunciation Mistakes[Source: Today I Found Out]


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Top 10 Most Read Books IN THE WORLD!

By Jared Fanning.

“Based on the number of books print printed and sold...”



Who Knew?


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6 Hot Trends in Teaching Technology

Teaching Trends

Via Scoop It on Technology and Leadership in Education


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Friday Funny: How a Book is Born


From WeldenOwen where the author introduces this infographic as a “roughly 74 percent accurate story of how an idea churns through the publishing process just like—as a publisher we once knew put it—a rat travels through an anaconda.”

Via The Centered Librarian


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30 Dr. Suess Quotes to Live By

Infographic by Mamiverse

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Data Explosion Visualized

How much data is added to the digital cloud every minute?

“Big data is not just some abstract concept used to inspire and mystify the IT crowd; it is the result of an avalanche of digital activity pulsating through cables and airwaves across the world.”

Click image, then click again for large (readable) image. Browse more at visual.ly.

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