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Friday Funny: Teaching Library Skills (the futility of?)

A selection of Library Quiz Answers from Middle School (click here for more)

Information on dragons can be found by asking one of them in the office.

The purpose of OPACs is to say how much to sell crude oil for.

Reference books cannot be checked out because they are too big and heavy.

Fiction books are just a lot of stories, so they don’t get a rating number.

The Dewey System measures how cold it got overnight by measuring how much wetness is on the grass in the mornings.

When girls get their periodicals, they don’t go to swim school.

You can find words with similar meanings in Rogers Brontasaurus.

from the Warrior Libarian’s old site, new one is here.

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Sunday Surfing Selection: The Lighter Side

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8 Unexpected Downsides of the Switch to E-books – Whether you are in the pro-or-anti-e-reader camp, or totally agnostic about it, this is just a hoot!

10 Book that Should be Banned – A tongue-in-cheek list from 2009

Battle of the Bad Bookmarks: Quarter Finals – Vote for your least favourite bookmark.

Forgotten Bookmarks – a vintage bookseller scans and posts “personal, funny, heartbreaking and weird things” found in books.

Awful Library Books – if you think you have outdated books in your collection, check out the gems that these professional weeders find.

Love the Liberry – short, sweet, funny and real library stories.

In the wake of widespread disappointment and disillusionment over the Lorax film, Rocco Staino compiles a sardonic collection of potential product-driven movies in Lorax Leads Way for Product Endorsements by Kit Lit Characters,

Vulgar Words of 1811 – like apple cart, barber‘s chair and shanker.

So you’re six years old, you’re reading ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves,’ and it becomes rapidly obvious that there are only two kinds of men in the world: dwarves and Prince Charmings. And the odds are seven to one against your finding the prince. — Emily Levine

Emily Levine’s theory of everything  – a Ted-Talk that will make you laugh, but also make you think. I highly recommend it.

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Sunday Surfing Selection – e-Readers &Tablets

I collect so many great links that I want to share, that I thought I would copy the idea of many bloggers and create a weekly link dump. (And I can’t resist a corny alliterative title.) If you have or are thinking about e-Readers or tablets in your library you will find a very helpful selection of resources in this week’s collection.

Unshelved (Click)

The Truth About Tablets: Educators are getting iPads and ereaders into students’ hands—but it’s not easy goes into detail about the sticking points in the issue.

E-Books and Libraries: 25 Resources Collections, Purchasing, Vendors, Controversy and Miscellaneous.

Penguin Ends E-Book Library Lending And Relationship With OverDrive…at least until it finds a new partner. Also read Amazon’s Kindle Plays A Part In Penguin’s Library Decision.

Announcing OverDrive Help as of February 14th, OverDrive Help will contain ” hundreds of newly-written help articles covering everything users need to know to enjoy eBooks, audiobooks, music and video from your digital collection.”

The International Children’s Digital Library whose goal is “a collection of books that represents outstanding historical and contemporary books from throughout the world.”

58 Sites for Digital Storytelling Tools and Information Information & Online tools

Best Kids’ Book Apps of 2011 Reviewed selections for toddlers through teens, from traditional titles to new creations just for tablets.

Goodbye Textbooks, Hello iPad “A technology shift is under way. The PC’s promise to transform how learning happens in the classroom is being realized by Apple’s iPad.”

ICT Magic just won a Best Education Wiki award for being “a truly inspiring collection of IT resources for students and teachers”.

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We Have a System

It’s old but I love it……

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Because it’s Important to Keep Your Sense of Humour

gather 'round kids, it's story time!

"gather 'round kids, it's story time!"


Photo by aye_shamus

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I Did Say Transformation

From Unshelved. I subscribe to the cartoon for a daily giggle. Luckily I don’t actually believe that a library has to go that far to attract young adults!

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