Finvy’s Brief History of Publishing

A Brief History Of PublishingInfographic by Finvy

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Forensics Meets Literary Criticism

Brian Joseph Davis uses law enforcement composite sketch software to create images of literary characters.


Dolores “Lolita” Hayes/Mrs. Richard F. Schiller, Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov

After emails from teachers and librarians, asking for images to use in lessons and programming, Davis has provided a zip file with a non-commercial Creative Commons license for download here.


See Davis’ Tumbler here and read more about it at Mental Floss.

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What He Said…


Books give you a way of decoding this crazy muddle of life. They will give you a way of describing the world, a way of finding your way through the extraordinary and the everyday. They are also a much needed refuge and escape. There are books for the break ups and the break downs, the make ups and the get downs.


Avoid people who 11822269_10153550606183064_5408127014115988587_nproudly say they don’t read. Unless you want to poop on them. That is allowed, nay, encouraged. Well, at least while you’re still in nappies.

and the rest: A Father Introduces His Newborn Daughter to Books at Book Riot

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Violent Death Past & Present

Capture1Open Culture

Recent productions like a bloody staging of Titus at The Globe in 2014 are restoring the gore in Shakespeare’s work, and The Complete Deaths will leave audiences with little doubt that Shakespeare’s culture was as permeated with representations of violence as our own—and it was as much, if not more so, plagued by the real thing.

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Cozy Book Nook


I would have loved this as a kid – heck! I’d love it now! Only I’d need it to be just a little cushier for the ‘more sensitive’ bones…

This is just one of a great collection of reading nooks over at Buzz Feed. Wonderful way to encourage kids to read at home. Wouldn’t it be great to create a few of these nooks in the library?

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Brian Dettmer: Allowing the Book to Become Something New

I’ve always been a fan of Brian Dettmer and really appreciated hearing him talk about his work.

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Because Express Yourself

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