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Thus Let the Light Shine

Thus Let the Light Shine 11′ x 14′ oil on board. By Joseph Dawson

More on Joseph Dawson’s Website.
Joseph Dawson’s Blog Biography.
Via: Book Patrol


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Fore-Edge Painting

“A fore-edge painting is a technique of painting on the edges of the pages of a book. The artwork can only be seen when the pages are fanned, as seen in the animation below. When the book is closed, you don’t see the image because it is hidden by the gilding (i.e., the gold leaf applied to the edges of the page).”

The causes, appearances, and effects of the seasonal decay and decomposition of nature, 1837 by Robert Mudie

See and learn more about this fascinating art form at Twisted Sifter.


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What a Difference an ‘A’ Makes

Here's Waldo

The DaVinci Cod
Twilight: New Moo

More very clever covers at Lost at E Minor.


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Books of Ice

Books of Ice, by Basia Irland from Orion Magazine on Vimeo.

Beautiful books, beautiful concept. Disbursing seeds like nature did 4 billion years ago. Read all about it in the Orion article ‘Books of Ice’ (Sculptures by Basia Irland. Text by Kathleen Dean Moore.)

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Author and Illustrator Jarrett J. Krosoczka and the Power of Imagination

Via Huff Post Books

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The Simplicity of the Reading Experience Expressed in Art

Reading by Jahaziel Minor

I love the simplicity of this, the quietness. Just a room, a chair, a reader, some light and a book – although even more than one might be aware of once immersed.

The Artist’s Website

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Laura Thykeson’s Altered Books and Found Poetry

Laura Thykeson describes how she finds poetry in the books she uses for her artwork at Mixed Media Art.

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