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Another Cool Use for the iPad

Whether you purchase the stand in the video or jerry-rig your own, (I read somewhere about using a wire-frame locker shelf) using an iPad as a document camera is a pretty cool idea. Our district tech director told me today that there may soon be an free alternative to the Reflection app as well.

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Shilo Shiv Suleman: Using tech to enable dreaming

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New Kind of Night-Light

Reading by courosa on Flickr

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Sunday Surfing Selection – e-Readers &Tablets

I collect so many great links that I want to share, that I thought I would copy the idea of many bloggers and create a weekly link dump. (And I can’t resist a corny alliterative title.) If you have or are thinking about e-Readers or tablets in your library you will find a very helpful selection of resources in this week’s collection.

Unshelved (Click)

The Truth About Tablets: Educators are getting iPads and ereaders into students’ hands—but it’s not easy goes into detail about the sticking points in the issue.

E-Books and Libraries: 25 Resources Collections, Purchasing, Vendors, Controversy and Miscellaneous.

Penguin Ends E-Book Library Lending And Relationship With OverDrive…at least until it finds a new partner. Also read Amazon’s Kindle Plays A Part In Penguin’s Library Decision.

Announcing OverDrive Help as of February 14th, OverDrive Help will contain ” hundreds of newly-written help articles covering everything users need to know to enjoy eBooks, audiobooks, music and video from your digital collection.”

The International Children’s Digital Library whose goal is “a collection of books that represents outstanding historical and contemporary books from throughout the world.”

58 Sites for Digital Storytelling Tools and Information Information & Online tools

Best Kids’ Book Apps of 2011 Reviewed selections for toddlers through teens, from traditional titles to new creations just for tablets.

Goodbye Textbooks, Hello iPad “A technology shift is under way. The PC’s promise to transform how learning happens in the classroom is being realized by Apple’s iPad.”

ICT Magic just won a Best Education Wiki award for being “a truly inspiring collection of IT resources for students and teachers”.

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The iPad and Tables in My Library

I recently begged the use of one of the school’s few new iPads to learn to use and to research its potential uses in the library. I’m waiting for approval for five of them that will be dedicated for library use. When I designed the new layout in my library, the adjoining multi-use room/computer lab was part of the library space but in September is was reassigned as a distributed learning / video conference classroom. I now have no dedicated library computers although I manage the 30-computer mobile laptop lab.

As technology and class projects are essential parts of the plan, I’ve had to make some compromises to get tables and computers into the library. Although originally designed for flexible seating with café tables, bean-bag chairs and cushions, spaces in the library will soon be filled with narrow tables and folding chairs.

You can see the accordion doors (one now covered) that lead to the lab

Pending funding approval, a laptop lab for library use and iPads will fill the technology needs. The laptops will be used of for class research projects and I can see many uses for the iPads, including many great ones mentioned in The WIFI–Eanes ISD iPad Pilot Project and The 20 Coolest iPad Ideas For Your Library.

I’m really excited to have potentially solved an important problem that came along with the loss of the computer lab. I don’t have space for desktop computers, nor do I want to have to pull out a laptop from the mobile lab (if it happens to be in the library and not out to a classroom) each time a student wants to search the OPAC and our databases. Spontaneous and personal browsing is what my new library is all about. I needed something that was unobtrusive space-wise, but constantly available for this purpose.

Just as I was becoming familiar with the iPad, I ran across a great idea to solve my problem at Jenny Luca’s blog. In her deliciously designed library the iPads are mounted on end panels for library catalogue searching.

I am still planning to look into getting slat-wall end-panels from a retail supply store since I still have 4 stacks without them. I think this will work perfectly.


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Beyond All the Other Benefits, iPad is a Money Saver for Schools

The Westlake High School in Austin, Texas, “…has distributed iPads to all junior and senior students, as well as teachers, administrators, librarians, and counselors”, and is documenting their pilot project in The WIFI–Eanes ISD iPad Pilot Project, chronicling the rollout and the innovative ways the iPad is being used. I’m adding the link to my sidebar to follow this project as I’ve just received an iPad on loan to investigate it’s potential uses in my library. Yes, I want 30 ASAP and perhaps I can convince administration when I show the very interesting list posted in The Swiss-Army Knife of Education, where the writer looks at…

“…some concrete and tangible examples of how the iPad is going to save our district money. And we’re not talking just about lack of paper, we’re talking about technology that we bought in the past, may have allocated for in the future, but will never spend again because the iPad has quickly rendered it obsolete. What follows is a list and cost of items that we won’t buy anymore because of the iPad and possible others that we might not buy again.”

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