A Great List of December Holiday Links for Last Minute Time Fillers

Thanks to the Edublog Awards, I just discovered The Media Specialist’s Guide to the Internet, where I found the following lists within a larger collection of “Resources for all the holidays celebrated from September to June”. Great stuff here!

CHANUKAH (December)
AtoZ Teacher Stuff– coloring pages and crafts; sorted by grade level
Awesome Library– recipes, worksheets, activities
Billy Bear 4 Kids
– crafts and games
Class Brain
– coloring pages
Internet 4 Classrooms
– games, songs, stories
Kids’ Domain
– coloring pages
Teachers First
– traditions, learn about the menorah, games
Teacher Planet
– lessons and worksheets
-worksheets, songs, writing paper, workbooks
Yahoo! Kids
– cards, recipes, history, stories, poems, games

CHRISTMAS (December)
A to Z Teacher Stuff– sort resources by age level
Christmas Around the World
– long list of countries
Christmas Lessons and Teacher Resources
– from the Lesson Plans Page
Christmas Teacher Resources
– from TeacherVision
K-12 Teacher Resources
– nice listing includes lesson plans, worksheets, interactive online activities
Online Christmas Games

Puzzles and Word Searches

Super Teacher Worksheets
– includes puzzles and Christmas math worksheets
Teacher’s Guide to Christmas Holidays
– from TeAchnology
Teacher Planet
-lessons, worksheets, clip art
The Teacher’s Corner
-how Christmas is celebrated around the world

KWANZAA (December)
Apples 4 the Teacher– coloring pages
A toZ Teacher Stuff

Class Brain
-coloring pages
-coloring pages (posters)
Internet 4 Classrooms

Kids’ Domain
– coloring pages
Teachers First
– planning materials, fun, games
Teacher Planet
– lessons, worksheets

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