6 Hot Trends in Teaching Technology

Teaching Trends

Via Scoop It on Technology and Leadership in Education


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5 responses to “6 Hot Trends in Teaching Technology

  1. This is very interesting. I see more and more technology stuff happening at the schools I go to. I think that most of the teachers are thrilled with this, but I’m not so sure about it. Now I see kids more and more on computers and less and less actually interacting with the teacher.

    • “The Times, they are a -changing”. It’s a delicate balance between keeping up with the students’ identification with technology and the identification of traditional methods that need to be maintained. Add to that the fact that electronic delivery of curriculum is less expensive so that as long as money is an issue in education, classes will increasingly be delivered this way – for better or for worse.

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  3. Here’s what I know from direct experience: the “toys” are just toys compared to a priceless active engagement between teacher and student. Technological toys are not essential to getting students of any age to engage in the act of discovery. Well, I guess as long as the discovery is not the “computer” itself. 🙂

    • Although I completely agree that nothing can replace face-to-face learning, and technology should be only one of the means to discovery, we need to think of technology less as toys than tools. Just as shop class teaches the safe and efficient use of power tools, school must incorporate technology in order to teach its use and effective application in modern life. The trouble is that I don’t think anyone has ever been as ‘addicted’ to or as dependent on a band saw as some are to their electronic gadgets.

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