Delving Through Delicious (Bookmarks)

Advocating for silence in a noise-addicted world – The Quiet Ones.

8 Tips for the Care and Feeding of the Reluctant Tech User from the Daring Librarian

People of the Bookshelf “Alpha by subject … or by dinner party seating rules? Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Geraldine Brooks on a shelving obsession.”

Ideas from L_M Net for inexpensive / homemade bookmarks.

Over 250 Free Children’s e-Books for ages 3-11 from Oxford Primary to read online with or without narration. Activities included.

Emoticons at 30 (Or Is It 45? Or 125? Or 131?)

Reconceptualising the School Library as Collaborative Makerspace “We need to deliberately and systematically create spaces and processes in our schools that foster creativity and innovation”

Free Books: 100 Free Sites to Download Literature

New SF bookstore devoted to rescuing out-of-print sf books and making them into free ebooks

B.C. Librarian Judith Comfort’s Fieldnotes:

“Our kids and their teachers are rushed off their feet like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland –“No time, no time,” and as for both student and adult attention and concentration – eye contact is replaced by eye – to screen contact. Factor in the whirling, dervishing technology gurus who have compromise our pedagogy with brilliant myths personalized to seduce us.

I feel I am needed more than ever because my teachers have no time to look for stuff themselves, and have no time to analyze it’s usefulness in terms of their teaching goals. The kids need to be reassured that space and quiet is a good necessary thing; that reading heals their fragmented attention-addled brains.”

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2 responses to “Delving Through Delicious (Bookmarks)

  1. The fieldnotes comment is priceless. I’ve read about recent research done on the multitasking culture’s INability to focus for in depth study at the college level. They can do many things at “once” but nothing “well” or at the level of focus that is needed for substantial discussion or writing.
    Great post! Thanks.

    • I see just that all the time at school. People – the way they work, think and play – are changing. Thus the desperate race educators are running to change with the times so that we can still claim to be forging the best human qualities for a positive future.

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