Stickman by Julia Donaldson – Recommended Christmas Story

In a previous post I mentioned a few books  that are popular for my Christmas “Share the Gift of a Story” program, which will take place this week. Last week I tested Stickman by UK author Julia Donaldson with the Grade 1 class. (Alison Green Books, September 1, 2008)

Click the image for the Goodreads page with reader reviews.

Donaldson’s Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book and The Gruffalo are  favourites in my library. All three are whimsically illustrated by Axel Sheffler. Stickman did not disappoint. The kids loved it, empathizing with Stickman’s adventures (which any stick might endure) as he tries to get home to his family for Christmas.

Unfortunately it appears to be out of print, so if you can’t get your hands on the book, you might like to show the following video. The video is a little shaky, but the narration is lovely: who knew that Stickman has a french accent?

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