Seeking New Favourite Authors for Yourself or Other Readers?

Literature Map is a wonderful tool to search for a new author to read while you wait for your favourite to publish their next book. It is also a great way to expand on a popular genre or type in your collection.

“You type in an author’s name, and the screen fills with names of many authors. The placement of each author is based on how similar the writing is to the author you typed. It is hard to explain because it is very visual. You can use it for all ages. It is a lot of fun to watch the author’s names move across the screen every time you type someone new in the box. ” (source)

This is a screen shot of the results of a search for Ellen Hopkins, a popular author with my high school students. Click the image to enlarge and then go to Literature-Map to try it for yourself. Pretty impressive.

Discovered at Tales From a Loud Librarian along with some other great online resources in the post “Need Help Selecting a Book?”


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5 responses to “Seeking New Favourite Authors for Yourself or Other Readers?

  1. Cindy this is awesome! I just shared your post with my Facebook reading group. Thanks! ~ Lynda

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  3. I see that you found the literature-maps from my blog Thanks for the referral. I love the look of your blog. Your pictures are stunning. You are inspiring to borrow the school cameras when I want to put pics on my blog.

    I have created a Diigo list with lots of other tools that you can use to recommend books. Here is a link:

    Thanks for reading my blog. I will keep an eye out for your new posts. Elizabeth

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