Bedtime Stories: Otto the Book Bear

Sweet memories are created by the bedtime story. Snuggling up with a book, chatting about the story and the pictures could not possibly be replaced by watching a video, but until the library copy arrives, I’ll make do. Our grandchildren are coming to stay with us for a week very soon and this is a treasure I’ll share.

Via Tattered Cover Bookstore

A little bear sits on a book on the cover of Otto the Book Bear by Katie Cleminson

Otto the Book Bear by Katie Cleminson



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2 responses to “Bedtime Stories: Otto the Book Bear

  1. When I was small, my parents would go away for a few nights and they would leave behind a tape recorded story in segments. When I think back, it was a pretty cool idea.

    Any other suggestions for telling or improvising bedtime stories?

    • So sweet that your parents did that for you. I’m afraid I’m pretty old fashioned when it comes bedtime stories and feel that nothing can replace a snuggle and a book, although when I boys were small (and very accepting) I used to sing and play guitar for them as well.

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