Book Arch ~ My Heart is Set On It

After seeing some photos of these wonderful book arches,
I’ve been trying to figure out where in my library I could get away with it.

Click on photo to go to source

I’ve saved quite a few discards for this and other potential book art.
I wonder how many I would need and how much size and shape would matter.

Book Arch from lmcmullen - Click to go to Source

I’m also trying to figure out how to sell the senior high math teacher
on the idea of one of his classes constructing it for me!

Click to go to Bill Harvey's page where the mathematics is explained.

And there is more technical information here.


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10 responses to “Book Arch ~ My Heart is Set On It

  1. Nice! This obviously isn’t built in a place that has earthquakes. Can you say liability?! 🙂

    • That didn’t occur to me, although we don’t have earthquakes here (I’m knocking on wood). The question of liability did occur to me, however, but I was thinking more about roudy kids! Thanks for your comment, Eric.

  2. This is awesome, but I’d be so worried about what would happen if one was knocked loose and they all came crashing down! I’m so particular about the quality of my books. I’d die if they got ruined because I had to have an arch xD Good luck finding somewhere to do this though!

    • Hi Michelle – I understand that they are quite stable if built properly, but I would want to start small if that’s possible. I’m only thinking of using discarded books that have already been through the gamut of give-away options – destined for the refuse or recycle – like outdated textbooks. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Is that free standing? You’ve given me an idea of what to do with some of my textbooks my school wouldn’t let me sell back.


    • Hi Eliabeth, The ones above both have side support, but I understand that if built correctly they could be freestanding. I think I would want to have as much support as necessary. And maybe a net 🙂

  4. These are awesome! I would also be concerned about mischievous kids pulling it apart, but it is a great way to make use of books you’d be tossing anyway!

    • There are a few with that look in their eye that might just not be able to resist a little tug just to see what would happen. I’m loving all these ideas for using discarded books. Thanks for your comment Stephanie.

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