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Seasonal Slogans for Bulletin Boards and Displays

‘Tis the Season to Be Reading

Hibernate With a Good Book

Chill With a Good Book

Reading is Cool

Seasons Readings

Reading is a Gift

Reading Lights Up the Mind

Books Yule Love to Read

Books Make You Bright

Click each image to go to the original poster’s page.

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Share the Gift of a Story Community Read-In

One of the many important things adults can do to help instill a love of reading in children is to…READ! Show them the fun! Read to them, with them and let them see you reading for pleasure.

Every year around this time, I invite members of the community to come into the library and “Share the Gift of Story” with library classes from Kindergarten to Grade 9. Some bring a seasonal favourite of their own and some browse the public library for a book, some choose from the books in the library, and only one, so far, brought a story from her own experience and told it with aplomb.

Here are some of the favourites in my library. Click the screen shot to go to my Pinterest board, where most books are linked to the Goodreads page for descriptions and reviews.

SHS_Library Holiday Books

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Sweet Snowy Scenes by Su Blackwell

I have featured Su Blackwell’s work before. I admire her creativity very much, not to mention the painstaking care with detail that she puts into her work. Here are a few appropriate to the northern winter season. Click here or on any of the images to tour Blackwell’s portfolio.





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Christmas Resources and More – Recommended Site For Educators

One of the things I do a lot of is to forward on to teachers via email internet sites that I think might be useful to them. I found this one recently through though the LM_Net listserve and will pass it on to teachers.

Vicki Blackwell’s Internet Guide for Educators has a plethora of resources for teachers to use in the classroom. It is updated seasonally with games, lessons and activities appropriate to the season. At the moment there is a fabulous clearing house of links under the “Christmas Around the World”, “Gingerbread”, “Christmas” and “December Days” images on the front page.

The purpose of this website is to provide a resource for the teachers of Tangipahoa Parish School System and teachers all around the world, as they continue to incorporate the use of technology into the curriculum. You will find my favorite links in the”Blackwell’s Best” section. “The Classroom” has links to staff development materials and technology integration activities as well as tutorials for some of my favorite software. The “Tech Tips” page includes hints to help you become a more efficient technology-using educator, and the “TangiTech” section is devoted to our professional development programs for integration of technology into the curriculum.

There are many wonderful resources and activities here for all year ’round. Some that I will be referring to myself or  passing on to my teachers are: 100th Day of School, Children’s Literature and Authors, Just for Kids, and a great collection of Printables.

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