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Friday Funny – Series Part 5 Delayed but Life Changes and We Have to Get Used to It, I guess.


I don’t really find the loss of play particularly funny, but life changes and we have to get used to it, I guess. The plan for today was to summarize the previous week’s description of the conversion of my library to a modified bookstore model and give you some links to other libraries that have messed with traditional library arrangements. Children, however, and life changes are directly responsible for my not posting as planned.

We have our 3 lovely granddaughters for a week while their parents take a much deserved holiday and Granny just has nothing left to work with after their bed-time. I remember being at my most productive this time of night when my sons were small, but life changes and we have to get used to it, I guess. The planned final installment will be coming soon. It is in an early draft, so please stay tuned if you are following.


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Friday Funny: Passive Agressive Library Signs

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A Whole Lotta Library Love

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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The Stereotype Persists…Even Among the Victims

Via Book Patrol

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