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Forgive the (Appropriate) Profanity, But This is Perfect


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Nothing to Do With Shelving Books

Sarah McIntyre is offering this poster free for downloading.
Click on the image to go the post.

Warning: Short Rant…
There’s that ‘trained’ part again. I’m busting my butt as basically an Experienced library clerk because I know what could be done but I’m shooting in the dark; wishing there was someone I could turn to, someone truly trained. (And then /or at least, someone to do the clerk stuff so I could do/learn more…help students more.) Read About Survival above if you’re into the topic.

Watch this…We Need This!

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Generous Artist Shares Halloween Posters for Free

Now that it’s officially autumn, it’s time to think about library decor and programs for October’s full slate: Thanksgiving, my upcoming Storyteller visit, and Halloween. I’m very grateful to¬† The Introverted Wife’s for sharing these All Hallows Read posters. Click on the images to go to the posts where you can download these and more for free!

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Free Poster: English is a Funny Language

Click for Large

Found at A Media Specialist’s Guide to the Internet along with lots of other free things and resources for educators.

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