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Mark Twain’s Persuasive Letter Announcing His Engagement

383715417_ab47973f16_oI am not worrying about whether you will love my future wife or not—if you know her twenty-four hours & then don’t love her, you will accomplish what nobody else has ever succeeded in doing since she was born.

Mark Twain was happily married to Olivia Langdon for 34 years. In 1869 he seemed to anticipate his family’s disapproval of the marriage and tried to win them over with a love-filled and humble letter that was last seen at Christie’s New York, June 9, 1992, lot 35, when it sold for $9,500.


Read more, including the full transcript at Open Culture and BookTryst

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Twain: Cats as Muse and Method

According to this 1940’s ad:

“Mark loved cats…and pool, or pocket billiards. Whenever he played pool, he’d tuck a pet kitten into a corner pocket. The antics of the cat as it pawed at passing balls amused and relaxed Mark Twain…sent him back in high spirits to write the stories that endeared him to all.”

Via Mark Twain Quotations about cats, where you’ll find several more images of Twain with his cats.


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Mark Twain on Video – 103 Years Ago!

Via 22 Words


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