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Batch of Blogideas Bookmarks

My Delicious site continuously fill up with great links that don’t necessarily merit a post of their own, but that readers of this blog might enjoy. Here are a few of those.

Mad Libs are one of those few fun and educational activities that can be done by yourself or with a whole class. There are several copy-cat sites on the net, but It’s a Mad Libs World wins out for the definitions that appear over the parts of speech when you hover over them, rather than being elsewhere on the site.

Wordies may enjoy Word for Word, Ben Zimmer’s insightful examination of the thesaurus and its founder Peter Mark Roget, who, according to Zimmer, “intended for his readers to immerse themselves in the orderly classification system of the thesaurus so that they might better understand the full possibilities for human expression”.

In an perfect world, research assignments would be student-led, when that spark of curiosity is allowed free rein to seek answers posed by the students themselves as is idealistically mandated in Alberta Learning’s Focus on Inquiry document. Kevin D. Washburn offers Four Strategies to Spark Curiosity via Student Questioning to help facilitate this optimum method of learning.

On the front page of Read Kiddo Read, author James Patterson warns parents that their children could fall two years behind in school over the summer. To assist parents and the rest of us who want to encourage reading, Patterson has assembled a terrific site with reading lists arranged by age group along with interviews and occasional contests.

Google supports current system of copyright protection by removing 250,00 links per week from searches at the request of copyright holders.

Stories, games, history and more will delight fans on Just-Pooh.com.

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