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Generous Artist Shares Halloween Posters for Free

Now that it’s officially autumn, it’s time to think about library decor and programs for October’s full slate: Thanksgiving, my upcoming Storyteller visit, and Halloween. I’m very grateful to  The Introverted Wife’s for sharing these All Hallows Read posters. Click on the images to go to the posts where you can download these and more for free!

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Free Poster: English is a Funny Language

Click for Large

Found at A Media Specialist’s Guide to the Internet along with lots of other free things and resources for educators.

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Free Printable Halloween Bookmarks


Everybody else give out candy on Halloween – I give out bookmarks as the classes parade through my library.

Click on any one to go to the webpage from where you can download and print the bookmarks pictured as well as many others. Thank you to all these generous people who are sharing their talent and work.

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