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Embraced by Words

Embraced by Words by  Robbert van der Steeg on Flickr

Embraced by Words by Robbert van der Steeg
on Flickr


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Using Images from the Internet – A Great Guide

I would love to show the many bright faces reading and otherwise enjoying my library, but for their protection and by law, I cannot use their photos here.

Reading by courosa

Luckily there are many places to find images that have been licensed for the Creative Commons: in other words for anyone to use with various restrictions.

reading by murphyeppon

Any time photos are taken from the Internet, for personal, professional or student projects, care should be taken to¬† comply with the photographer’s copyright. Many prefer to protect their images from use, but some share freely. You can learn about different licenses here.

Reading Time by adwriter

If you use images, or are involved with students using images in their projects,
I highly recommend Billy Meinke’s
How to find great free digital Photos on Flickr for use in your Projects!

It’s the best step-by-step guide I have found.

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