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Elementary Library Classes – September

Library activities got off to a quick start in September with the Grade 3s and 6s getting together for a period of buddy reading. They enjoyed sharing the Big Books for a change as well as lots of other favourites. Junior & Senior High students should all have their textbooks checked out now and are well into their studies

The first week was spent on welcoming the students back to the library and chatting about routines and the Responsible Reader program. In the second week we have had fun exploring books and their authors.

Kindergarten enjoyed the hilarious Book! Book! Book! by Deborah Bruss. Say the title like a chicken and you’ll get the idea. I was impressed by how well this huge class of 27 five and six year-olds listened and caught on to library etiquette.

Grade 1 enjoyed the 63 year old, beloved classic  Petunia by Roger Duvoisin, about a silly goose who believes that just owning a book and carrying it around makes you smart. They will be bringing home a letter for you to read, with a colouring page from the book on the back.

Before we read it Grade 2 brainstormed why Meena might be The Girl Who Hated Books by Manjusha  Pawagi. Of course having to move them from the sink before brushing your teeth might be an inconvenience but once she got to know the rabbits she began to change her mind.

Grade 3 has been very excited about being able to borrow books from the ‘all ages’ part of the library, so we took a ‘tour’ and practiced how to tell if a book is going to be one you they might enjoy reading. They received ‘5- Finger Test’ bookmarks to remind them how to check whether a book might be so easy it’s boring, so difficult it’s frustrating, or just the right level to enjoy. You can download a 5-Finger Test here.

Since Grade 4 will be doing a science unit related to building this year, it’s fortunate that there is a lot of interest in building and construction in the class. In library class we checked out David Macaulay’s (See Mrs. K. for Username & Password) work and watched a video of him talking about his new book How We Work, which the students convinced me we should purchase for the library. We looked at other books on building things and those interested checked out the Building and Construction department in the library.

Grade 5 watched several student-made book trailers on Awesome Author Gordon Korman’s Chasing the  Falconers, the first book in his ‘On the Run’ series, as an introduction to his work. Korman wrote his first book at age 12 and has since written over 50 books. Some are funny, some are serious and all are chalk-full of action and adventure. All are page turners.

A fantasy series was this week’s choice for the Grade 6s. We watched the author Chris D’Lacey speak about his ‘Last Dragon Chronicles. (He showed us Real, Authentic Dragon Skin to prove that dragons Really Exist.) You can see the links I used to find out all about this author by clicking here.


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