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Readers Save the World!

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The Night Before a Canadian Christmas for Die-Hard Canadian Hockey Fans…Only

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Happy Birthday, Canada

I grew up watching William Shatner on TV. My dad watched every Star Trek episode (several times) and it happened to be on just before supper. Knowing now that Shatner is not only an actor, but also a musician, recording artist, author, film director and Canadian, I totally understand how he deadpanned his way through all those ridiculous plots. (Hope you’re not reading, Dad.)

So since he is such a well-known actor comedian author, I felt I could get away with featuring 80-year-old Shatner’s 2011 rendition of our national anthem to celebrate Canada’s 145th birthday. Enjoy!

William Shatner official site

If you really don’t know who he is (you young whippersnapper you) try Wikipedia

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