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My Library This Christmas

Books are Snow Wonderful Bulletin Board

It’s “Share the Gift of Story” this week, with readers from the community coming in to read to K-Gr. 9 library classes. It’s so great for the kids to see that it’s not just school staff and parents who enjoy reading stories. Our local RCMP really get in on the act with several constables joining in the fun this year. Perfect way for the kids to meet the local police officers too!

Easy Street decorated for Christmas with New Fireplace

A long-time participant, whose grandchildren are now in school noticed a couple of years ago that the YouTube fireplace video that I put on the Smart Board behind the readers was a little pathetic. It couldn’t be seen well, it distracted the kids as the tender rustled logs and it often froze. This year, this kind gentleman brought in our very own electric fireplace to lend ambiance to our seasonal program and story time throughout the year. What a wonderful gift!

The Circulation Desk with Christmas Tree

Our Grade 6 class decorated the library. Doesn’t it look great?

The big project on the go is a wonderful collaboration cooked up between our local public librarian, Nancy Keough and me. It all started, more or less, with my not being able to work out how to offer e-books to our students. I get my own, personally through the public library system along with a plethora of other resources that aren’t available to us otherwise. Some of our students do have memberships but the majority do not. Wouldn’t it be great if we all had access to all the wonderful things they offer?

Nancy took the idea to the library board, who generously offered us a great deal on public library memberships for the entire school! All staff and students. Our administration gave the go-ahead and four local business have helped to fund it. We’re just collecting forms now and are hoping to have everything in place now.

For more about the membership project, the sponsors and a few other things around the library, see my December newsletter.

Other than that I’m finding myself with a little time to clear up my desk and check off some of those stickier tasks on my to-do list. Next week will be our last week before the break and I’ll read to library classes from my selection of Christmas favourites.


After that, it’s focus on family (and shopping and cooking and wrapping and crafting) for 2 whole weeks! I wish you all a great holiday, if that’s what you’re in for as well and if not, enjoy December wherever you are.


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Yellow Everyone!

Today is our first official day back for staff meetings and professional development before the students return on September 2nd. I’ve been in for a few hours here and there to get some decorating done since it’s always hard once the teacher’s dig in and the kids have occasionally come back to a very dull library.

I’m not a huge fan of books behind glass but until I get some classroom projects to display, something had to go into the entry-way display cases.

Yellow Everybody!

Yellow Everybody!

Orange You Glad to Be Back?

Orange You Glad to Be Back?

Yes that’s me dressed oh-so-professionally in my orange hoody. You can also see the bulletin board behind me covered in black paper with a bookish border. I was quite proud of myself to have the foresight to snap these shots before I cluttered up the bulletin board. I didn’t predict the reflection I did get.

Here’s the bulletin board finished.

Grow With Great Books

Grow With Great Books

I kept it quite simple to showcase these great posters that I believe I got from Carr McLean.


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I’d Like to Credit the Artist…

A wonderful interpretation of this ubiquitous quote by Stephen King that would translate well to a library bulletin board or book display. I just which I could tell you who made it.

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A Whole Lotta Library Love

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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What Should We STOP Doing?

In ’30-second Thought Leadership’ videos, which you can view at the AASL website, five professional school librarians share their answers to the question,

“What one traditional activity should school librarians stop doing in order to increase time for strategic activities (collaboration, co-teaching, professional development, advocacy)?”

Always full shelving cart

Their inaugural monthly theme addresses solo-librarians, so according to these speakers, if you are managing a school library on your own, you should not be doing the following:

  1. original cataloging – purchase records or download for free
  2. maintaining a card catalog shelf list
  3. writing vendor, cost & date of purchase in the front of books
  4. annual inventory
  5. any clerical and administrative tasks should be put off as long as there is opportunity to help students and teachers
  6. create tip cards to hand out rather than repeating tasks (technology services)

What we should not stop doing according to Helen Adams, former school librarian and technology coordinator in Wisconsin is being diligent in protecting students’ intellectual freedom.

One of the things that I’ve stopped doing is decorating bulletin boards. Before renovations I had eight bulletin boards in my library that a dozen years ago I tried to change monthly! That of course dwindled to the point where only one or two were changed seasonally and the rest may have received minor updates during the year resulting in what I felt were fairly tacky-looking walls. I now only have two: one in the entry and one in ‘Easy Street’ (the K-2 section) and I get a high school student to decorate them whenever possible.

A popular Caught Reading bulletin board that should have got more attention

BTW: If I were playing on this blog during my work day it is definitely something I should stop doing. I actually write the posts at home because when I get home from work I seldom have any energy left for anything but playing on the ‘net. Sometimes I hit ‘Publish’ during the day to space out the posts.

I’m curious. What tasks have fallen by the wayside as you try to manage your library and provide the best services to your staff and students? Is there anything that you think you should let go of but haven’t been able to?


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