Yellow Everyone!

Today is our first official day back for staff meetings and professional development before the students return on September 2nd. I’ve been in for a few hours here and there to get some decorating done since it’s always hard once the teacher’s dig in and the kids have occasionally come back to a very dull library.

I’m not a huge fan of books behind glass but until I get some classroom projects to display, something had to go into the entry-way display cases.

Yellow Everybody!

Yellow Everybody!

Orange You Glad to Be Back?

Orange You Glad to Be Back?

Yes that’s me dressed oh-so-professionally in my orange hoody. You can also see the bulletin board behind me covered in black paper with a bookish border. I was quite proud of myself to have the foresight to snap these shots before I cluttered up the bulletin board. I didn’t predict the reflection I did get.

Here’s the bulletin board finished.

Grow With Great Books

Grow With Great Books

I kept it quite simple to showcase these great posters that I believe I got from Carr McLean.


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6 responses to “Yellow Everyone!

  1. Clever word play, and attractive bulletin boards. I did love going back to school when I was a kid. Pencil boxes were the best!

  2. Bernadette Guiblin

    That is a clever book display! I’m sure the kids will get a laugh and look at the books.

  3. The kids are going to love those displays!! You are sooo clever!

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