Raise a Reader Infogram

I’m collecting ideas for the September newsletter to parents and I love the way Nancy has promoted reading aloud to children in this great infographic.

Raising Readers with NancyAnn


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4 responses to “Raise a Reader Infogram

  1. Funny – my perspective is rather different, probably because of the way I was raised. Books in bed were fine, and the bath was ok (though never in the tub!) but books at the table? Completely forbidden. For one thing, if you were at table, you were expected to carry on a conversation with the other people who were there. (Remember the days when families ate meals together?) But beyond that, my folks always said that if I read while eating, I wouldn’t give either the food or the book my full attention.

    My, what changes have come!

    • I cringed a little at that one as well but I have to admit that if I’m eating alone, I’m usually reading something too. I love your folks’ perspective and I can see that attention to the food definitely looses out in my case.

      • Here’s a story you may be able to make use of some time. It’s true. Mom was such a stickler about books at the table that even my occasional solitary breakfasts were bookless. One day, I asked if we could change cereals. I told her I was tired of whatever we’d been eating, and wanted something different, like raisin bran.

        The truth? I’d read the box so many times I had it memorized, and was bored. 😉

      • Great story! Thanks a bundle for sharing it.

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