Back to Library Land

Happy New Year Readers! Here at PHRD in Alberta, today is the first day back from our 2-week Christmas break. Since I believe that a periodic change of focus is healthy, I’ve done my best to forget about my day job (and this related blog), which really wasn’t all that difficult with all the activity around this time. Now it’s back to library land, with a fresh tank of mental gas…


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2 responses to “Back to Library Land

  1. Happy New Year! I’ve been waiting for you to get back so I could share the interesting information about San Antonio’s new “library without books”. It’s very possible (even probable) that you know about it, but it’s quite interesting.

    • I had heard about it, but hadn’t seen that very informative article. I’m torn. They’re limiting the scope of resources they can offer, while most libraries are trying to make sure they can provide access for the public all resources, whether they exist in the physical or digital world. Not everything is available digitally – yet.

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