Greetings and a Free Image

From My Place to Yours

From My Place to Yours

This is my library – warm on the inside, and sometimes very cold on the outside. These are some of the Christmas books I have in my collection. Feel free to take a copy if you like, to use as you like.

Where ever you are, whatever you may or may not be celebrating, I hope you too are about to enjoy a rejuvenating break from your ‘day job’. Thursday will be our last day at school until the 6th of January. I will be spending a traditional Christmas with family and friends, eating lots, laughing lots, hugging lots and hopefully…reading lots!

Until January…


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3 responses to “Greetings and a Free Image

  1. Merry Christmas! Much joy and enjoyment to you…

  2. sbkaren

    Merry Christmas and I also can’t wait for our break. It’s been an especially hectic year this year and I’m looking forward to some time off. I have a question. I noticed you have colored dots on some of your books. Does your school utilize Accelerated Reader? Just curious, as we do and we color code our books with dots too!

    • We do have Accelerated Reader and I have a wall dedicated to books sorted by level for that program. They have a white AR label with the level on it at the top of the spine. I also have others that are shelved in the general collection, still with AR labels on the spine. Those are ones in popular series that I want kept together even though they might be different levels. And anything over a 5.9 goes in the general collection.

      The dots denote the different “Islands” in my library, which is arranged in a customized bookstore style. So all the books that go in the Nature ‘Island’ have a green dot at the top of the spine; Fantasy has a red dot and so on. The system is described here, and the chart of “Islands” is here.

      I hope that answers your question.

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