Airmail Redefined…and Again

In case you have not yet heard, Amazon is promising half-hour delivery using drones.

Among the a plethora of parodies, British bookseller Waterstones responds by announcing its new O.W.L. service. (Only just thought about this morning.)


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4 responses to “Airmail Redefined…and Again

  1. The first parody response I saw to the Amazon drones was the possibility of rooftop-mounted SAMs at Sam’s Clubs and Walmarts. That was funny, but this is even better. It’s funny-clever, and worthy of being passed around, which I intend to do.

  2. sbkaren

    Hahaha, pretty funny! You think they got the OWL idea from Harry Potter? That’s how they sent lots of communications! The drones for Amazon are quite a few years off. It sounds rather eerie to me!

    • I’m sure HP must have been their inspiration – and so appropriately. And so much less “eerie” an idea than drones somehow – a soft wing-beat against the door, calling you from your chores, or the zip and clank of robot arms…

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