At a Reading Desk

Lord Frederick Leighton (1830-1896) Study: At a Reading Desk Oil on canvas 1877


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3 responses to “At a Reading Desk

  1. Wonderful! I don’t know the artist, but I soon will know more. It’s such a lovely portrait – and a bit of a smile. I gave my mother a reading desk just like that one year. Well, except for the fancy decoration. Hers was plain teak.

    • [Fixed it for you.]

      It is a sweet portrait, isn’t it? I hadn’t known the artist either. I love running across surprises like that. The desk design is new to me as well – so clever! Does your mother sit on the floor with it? Looks like it might be a little hard on the back.

      • When she still was using it (she’s been gone now for a couple of years) she actually put it on an adjustable table that she could scoot up to in her most comfortable chair. And believe it or not, it worked rather well for reading in bed, too. But no slumping!

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