Confessions of Literary Obsessions

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2 responses to “Confessions of Literary Obsessions

  1. Wonderful quotations, but I’ll gently disagree with the first. If it hadn’t been for my magical car, I’d not have been able to take my magical trip through the midwest. BUT, now that I’ve visited, the books I purchased along the way can whisk me right back there.

    I’m in total agreement with the second. I’ve tried the e-readers, and they just don’t quite measure up, even though the ability to enlarge fonts is a nice touch for aging eyes.

    • I’m with you on both counts, although I might say my feet have taken me to the most magical places…in the woods. However I’m definitely enriched by the vicarious travels I’ve taken in books.

      As for the e-reader, II do like mine for the reason you mentioned as well as the number of books I can store in it to take along with me, the built-in dictionary and the ability to annotate – and it’s easier to hold in occasionally stiff hands. But it can’t replace the sensory experience of holding a book, which I’ll never be able to give up.

      Thanks for stopping in, Linda. I see you’ve left a comment on my ‘about’ page, which I will respond to soon – for now, I’m off to the day job. 🙂


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