TYWKIWDBI Readers Share their Bookcases

Stan, over at TYWKIWDBI, had a brilliant idea. He asked his readers to submit photos and descriptions of their bookcases to his blog. The pictures are ‘worth a thousand words’ themselves, but the stories that go with them are fascinating. Clicking on any of the pictures will open the individual post in a new tab or window where you can read the full stories. The first one is Stan’s, where he introduces the feature and explains the guidelines. To see the full collection click here.

Stan’s Bookshelf

“Today I’m introducing a new feature (“Show Us Your Bookcase”) at TYWKIWDBI, inspired by a Guardian essay last year:

‘Only a bookshelf can truly hold a reader’s history and future at the same time… A lifelong reader myself, I’ve always had an obsession with seeing a person’s bookshelf, to get a sense of what they’ve brought inside their home and their head. Bookshelves are universal in that almost everyone has one, and unique in that no two collections are the same… Sharing your shelf is sharing yourself – showcasing the building blocks that have crafted your knowledge, personality, and identity.’

As I read that essay, I was reminded that as a young man I was always eager to examine the bookcases of friends and colleagues to learn more about them.  I confess to still doing that when I visit homes for holiday parties.”

The Weaving One’s Library

“This is my library – the room I promised myself when I was just learning to read and realized I wanted my own books, not hand-me-downs or loans from the library.”

Chris’ Bookcase

“”Here is a picture of my book case that I lost in the floods that hit southern Alberta this year The most ironic book was the first one that floated up at me: Fooled by Randomness by Taleb – one of my favorite books.”

Dora’s Rainbow Bookcase

“This picture was taken a couple of years ago when my husband and I had just moved into our first home together and merged our books collections. Not knowing how best to organize them, I went for visual appeal.”

Now, to find some time to photograph and write about mine. Which one(s) to choose?


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