A Spacy Book Trailer

An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth by Chris Hadfield
Description and readers’ reviews at Goodreads

“…most of Hadfield’s memoir is a page-turner, especially when he describes the smaller and stranger parts of space travel. Such as, when returning to Earth’s pull after six months in zero gravity, he can “feel the heaviness of the skin on my face.” That’s poetry, dammit.” …read Peter Scowen’s review at The Globe & Mail

“If you start thinking that only your biggest and shiniest moments count, you’re setting yourself up to feel like a failure most of the time. Personally, I’d rather feel good most of the time, so to me, everything counts: the small moments, the medium ones, the successes that make the papers and also the ones that no one knows about but me.”…see the other 5 Stellar Life Lessons from Chris Hadfield (with pictures) at the CBC Q Blog.

An Achiever: “Raised on a corn farm in southern Ontario, Chris Hadfield became interested in flying from a young age. As an Air Cadet, he won a glider pilot scholarship at age 15 and a powered pilot scholarship at age 16. He also taught skiing and ski racing part- and full-time for 10 years.” …from Chris Hadfield’s biography at the Canadian Space Agency.


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3 responses to “A Spacy Book Trailer

  1. I saw this the other day — it is so funny! I’ve heard that dogs have been to space. I wonder if they have to wear suits like that? Thanks for sharing!

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