Bookworm or “Bookie Monster”?

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I used to have a little bookworm finger puppet just like the little guy on the left that I used in combination with the Mr. Wiggle books when talking to the kindergarteners about the library and book care. Kids would keep asking for our resident ‘Mr. Wiggle’ to talk to them right up to Grade 3.

Unfortunately, one day our own Mr. Wiggle went away. I don’t know where he went. He just disappeared and took his book with him. I guess he found someone that needed him more than we did.

This one is ONLY US$795.00!!!

I kept thinking that he might come back one day; that I would peek in the No, No Never pail where he used to sleep and he’d be there, safely tucked inside his book-home.

But no, that hasn’t happened so I’ve decided it’s time to search for a new bookworm friend to cheer the children and help them learn to love books as I do. The only exact replica (above) that I could find is a little pricy, especially since it would ship from the U.K., so I’ll have to find a distant cousin.

While I was looking however, I ran across a very interesting site that explained, with photos, all about ‘real’ bookworms.

Just what they do to books (and why)

… and what they Really look like

Check out The Bookie Monster: attack of the creepy crawlies! on the British Library’s Collection Care blog. It’s quite fascinating when you think of the problem in a historical context.

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One response to “Bookworm or “Bookie Monster”?

  1. Sarah Alvarado

    I think I know Bookie Bookworm, too. I use to have it….but the librarian now threw it away.
    It came with a cassette and really was cute. It taught the kids proper care of books. I have not found another one for sale…..probably will try to make one.

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