Books That are All About Atmosphere

The ‘Library Hall’ of the Cafe Pushkin 

“The hall is opened from 12 o’clock till 24 o’clock Traditional Russian cuisine with French cuisine elements. Every evening (except Monday) performance of a duet of musicians (a harp and a flute).”

The Library Hall is one of six areas in this ‘redecorated’ mansion in Russia. The website alone is a surfeit of eye candy. Imagine what dining there would be like.

“The house history begins at the end of XVIII-th century, when noble man from Petersburg, who was serving at court of Catherine II, retires and moves to Moscow builds a mansion on the «Tverskoy boulevard». In the middle of a XIX-th century the house goes to the German-aristocrat who opens a “Pharmacy”  on the ground floor. On the second floor of the house there is  a “Library”.” (more)

Check out the flash version if you have enough bandwidth. The last ‘News’ item is from 2011 making me wonder if it’s still there but I’ll leave the reader to research that because, since there’s little hope of my actually going there any time soon, I’m happy to leave it exist in my imagination.
Via BookPorn

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