More Time to Read

1st Prize Contemporary Issues Single – Micah Albert/USA/Redux Images – April 3, 2012, Nairobi, Kenya. Pausing in the rain, a woman working as a trash picker at the 30-acre dump, which literally spills into households of one million people living in nearby slums, wishes she had more time to look at the books she comes across. She even likes the industrial parts catalogs. “It gives me something else to do in the day besides picking [trash],” she said.

A 2013 World Press Photo Contest winner.
See more amazing photos at Boston.Com.

Via: TYWKIWDBI (where it’s always worth reading the intelligent comment streams)

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One response to “More Time to Read

  1. Reading; Such a familiar pastime.
    I didn’t see it at first, and then it crept up on me! A very unusual setting!

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