The Broadening Scope of a School Librarian’s Job: One Aspect

It’s my job as school librarian is to get resources to teachers and students. That used to mean pulling teacher resources and assembling a box of books on the requested theme, which I would then deliver to the classroom.

That’s still true – I still do that – but I no longer check encyclopedias, almanacs and the myriad of other treasured tomes in the (no longer extant) reference centre.

Since any school project now includes electronic resources, I also will search Discovery Ed for relevant resources, which I place in the appropriate folder for the teacher’s use. I check LearnAlberta’s Online Reference Centre and Learn 360, all of which are resources paid for by government of the school district. I check for Smart Board activities and other online resources.  Then I go to the Internet and see what I can find there.

CaptureIn response to a Grade 3 teacher’s recent request, one of the services I am supplying is a page on owls to be linked to her teacher page on our website. This will be for the student’s use as they research owls for her theme.

I will suggest that she allow the students some time to ‘play’ on the site and let their natural curiosity lead them where it may before assigning a project. They may go first to an activity like word search and then, when they discover that they want to know more, begin to peruse some of the linked sites.

The image is linked to the page from here, but it is not live from our website yet. The teacher will not be using it until after Christmas. If you have any suggestions to improve it or know any great kids’ owl sites, please share in the comments.

I’d also love to know what methods you use to get non-print resources to teachers.


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2 responses to “The Broadening Scope of a School Librarian’s Job: One Aspect

  1. What would the world do without librarians?! You are an amazing person!

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