Pablo Lehmann – Infinite Artistic Possibilities

“For any literature lover, the book is an endless source of senses, a valuable treasure expanding the boundaries of language, a mechanism revealing the universes created by the power of words. For Pablo Lehmann, the book is, in turn, a generator of images, covert shapes and infinite artistic possibilities.

Following the steps of Stephan Mallarmé, Lehmann multiplies the visual strength of pages, although his research is no longer oriented towards the relationship between the word and its medium, but rather towards the relationship between these and the book itself.
Hence, the artist reinforces the concrete presence of the medium against the allusive strength of the text, which insists on denying its own reality.

 His working method proceeds not by addition but by subtraction. Instead of composing, he unveils what is already there, underlying in each page. The cuttings hurt the sheet of paper, but only to shake it off its subjection to the literary aim and venture it across the paths of the three-dimensional world.” from ‘The Paths of Plot’ (2007) by Rodrigo Alonso (more)

Artist’s Website


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