Biblioburro: Hero in Columbia

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5 responses to “Biblioburro: Hero in Columbia

  1. I LOVE this! I love the idea of bookmobiles. Books that come right to your door. My Mom Person has sort of a collection of book mobile pictures. Donkeys and camels and wagons and horses and fancy vans with computers. It would be sad to not have a library to go to, but how cool to have this donkey riding up to your house! Thanks library lady!

  2. This just made me smile all the way into my heart! Thanks for sharing it. I shared it too on FB. ~ Lynda

    • You are so welcome, Lynda. Wish I had more time lately for blog reading. I miss your delightful antics and observations. Things are beginning to settle down a bit now, so soon…

      • pixilated2

        Not to worry. I have been pretty busy too, and not posting as much as I would like. We’ll catch up soon enough. 🙂
        (You are among a handful of people I AM keeping up with… 😉 )

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