Little Librarian Play Set

Be a Real Librarian! Just add books.

Little Librarian is the first personal library kit made just for kids! It encourages reading and is powered by creativity and imagination, not batteries! Little Librarian provides book lovers with everything they need to transform their book collection into a library. Kids can practice the important skills of organizing, sharing, borrowing, and returning. Book pockets, check out cards, library cards, and bookmarks are just like the ones from the real library. Little Librarians will issue overdue notices and awards. Favorite books can be stored in the reading journal and shared with friends. To get started just add books!

The kids in my school are familiar with book pockets and cards because the Grades 1-3 teachers use them for their leveled reading books that are kept in the division. Otherwise, it would be difficult to relate a lot of this kit to the modern library.

I still think it’s pretty neat.

From Little Librarian  – It’s not new, but I just discovered it via TYWKIWDBI


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2 responses to “Little Librarian Play Set

  1. I think this is fabulous! Just yesterday I helped a young man at the library navigate the Dewey Decimal System to find a dinosaur book he was looking for and lamenting the fact that kids these days no nothing about libraries. They get everything on the internet. And even if they go to the library, it’s all on the computer. They don’t even need library cards anymore. Change and progress can be so difficult sometimes! Thanks for discovering and sharing this fun kit!

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