Jack and Jill Were Naughtier than We Knew

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Jack and Jill and old Dame Gill, author/illustrator unknown; 1806; J. Aldis, London.

“Extended version of the famous nursery rhyme in which, in addition to fetching some water, Jack and Jill get into various scrapes with animals, swings, see-saws, and the ever-chastising Old Dame Gill. The illustrator goes uncredited in the book, though the back page is dedicated to a special rhyme advertising the booksellers/publishers J.Aldis: “Dame Gill had been to Aldis / To buy them all books / You may see how they are pleased / by the smiles in their looks / Now if you are good and deserving regard / This book full of pictures shall be your reward.”

From The Public Domain Review



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8 responses to “Jack and Jill Were Naughtier than We Knew

  1. 1806–What fun find! Thank you for sharing this. Most enjoyed.

  2. This is a real wonder! A fabulous find! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thif waf a fun read, but it would feem you need to know the old trick of using an altered “f” for the lower cafe “S.” 😉
    ~ Lynda

  4. aubrey

    I checked out that link and was immediately drawn to ‘Fancy Dresses Described or What To Wear At Fancy Balls’. I have that very book in my hand right now. I bought it in Wales at the ‘Castle Bookshop’. It was a bookshop. In a castle. What in the world could have been better?

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