Mark Twain on Video – 103 Years Ago!

Via 22 Words



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4 responses to “Mark Twain on Video – 103 Years Ago!

  1. Wow! What a unique treasure! I would love to be able to hear what they were chatting about at tea! Thanks so much for finding this moment and sharing.

    • I kept thinking that I’ll be they’re continuously reminding each other to “act naturally” while the newfangled contraption was whirring away beyond them. You’re welcome and thank you for stopping in.

  2. What a fun find! BTW, have you ever wondered how women back then kept from impaling their heads with those long hat pins? That one in the daughter was wielding must have been 8 inches long! 😉
    ~ L

    • Hi Lynda, If it was a modern video, she would have. I was rather mesmerized by it as well, possibly because I’m conditioned to expect something sensational to happen. It is a pretty cool video, despite the lack of anything shocking, isn’t it?

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