Not a Lot of Links

Just a few for this Sunday.

Undergraduates in Professor T. Mills Brown’s innovative Lying About the Past course at George Mason University learned a lot as they planted elaborate hoaxes on the internet.. We can all learn from them as well by reading the Atlantic’s How the Professor Who Fooled Wikipedia Got Caught by Reddit.

George Williams describes Google’s new “Google Search Education” site, which was set up to help teach students information literacy and is complete with free-to-use lesson plans. Lots of good discussion in the comments as well.

The loss of Ray Bradbury on June 5 has spawned a lot of writing this past week. Here’s Quill & Quire’s tribute with a couple of other interesting links within the article .

Loving Words: a short and  poignant story of the gifts of love and literacy, for your pleasure.

YALSA has introduced a new free app for Apple devices called YALSA’s Teen Book Finder ~



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3 responses to “Not a Lot of Links

  1. Somebody feels honored this morning. ~ Lynda

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