Canada Post Launches New Series and I Receive a Gift

A generous parent made my day this week when she popped into the library with a gift. She works at the post office and said she thought of me when she saw the brand new collector’s series first issue.

I am not a stamp collector, although encouraged by my father, I was for a short period  in my childhood. This sweet and thoughtful gift has rekindled that tiny spark and I intend to find a way to display this cover, just issued May 11, along with currently secret upcoming issues in this new kids’ lit series.

“Canada has a stellar history of being home to some of the best children’s and young adult writers in the world. From early offerings like Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Emily of New Moon series to the work of contemporary authors Robert Munsch or Roch Carrier, we have a rich tradition of storytelling, a tradition that will be celebrated in a new occasional series featuring the wonderfully imaginative characters that populate Canadian “kids’ lit.” The first stamp in the series is dedicated to that warm and wonderful little reptile who gently encourages children to come “out of their shells”—Franklin the Turtle.” …read more in Canada Post’s announcement “Children’s Literature: Franklin the Turtle”.

Quill & Quire

Franklin debuted in 1986 with Franklin in the Dark and has since expanded into TV shows. Canada Post has introduced another ‘first’ for Franklin with a game that can be played on an Apple or android phone by scanning the stamp package.

Here is Hurry Up Franklin and Franklin’s Bad Day from the TV show for your enjoyment.

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