Grace White’s Delightful Miniatures

North Carolina, U.S. artist, Grace White, makes miniatures for scale models to be looked at, admired and gently played with. The tiny replicas are all so charming, but the little books stole my heart.

“I’ve learned about historic book structures and styles from colleagues who are book conservators (I myself am a paper conservator in a library), and those beautiful old books are what I wanted to duplicate for my historic miniature scenes. And although I love miniature books (real ones that open and have pages), I dislike the way they look in dollhouse scenes because they won’t stay closed, and so they tend to look awkward. So my books came about because I wanted books that would look realistic and beautiful and old, but that wouldn’t draw attention to themselves by behaving inappropriately.”

Images and quotes used with the permission of the artist. You can see more of her miniature books and the furniture that they fit into, here on her Flickr photostream.


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2 responses to “Grace White’s Delightful Miniatures

  1. Grace

    Thank you, Cindy! I feel honored to be featured here!

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