Sunday Surfing Selection: Preparing for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day ( is celebrating it’s 16th year online. Learn about St. Patrick as well as parades and other festivities including Irish songs & poems to help you celebrate.

There all all kinds of games and activities for kids at Apples4Teachers.

Picture prompts, limerick starters, border paper, and write on shapes for the St. Patrick’s Day holiday from Story-It’s St. Patrick’s Day Resources page.

The Teacher’s Guide for St. Patrick’s Day has lesson plans, interactive whiteboard resources, printables, crafts and clipart.

A list of St. Patrick’s Day books for kids at Kaboose.

Peonies and Poppyseeds has colour printables to download.

All kinds of inspiration at Pinterest.

Although limericks are apparently not originally Irish, they continue to be associated with St. Patrick’s Day.

Ten minute presentation all about St. Patrick’s Day, narrated by children.

And just because it was my favourite song as a child and I’ve never heard it sung more beautifully, the Celtic Women with ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow:


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